Amp hat suggestions needed

since a year i am using volumio with the Just Boom Amp HAT :
sound is great, works just fine.

i want to extend for the other zones, i have mostly all the same speakers in different zones: 8 ohms low impedance dynamic power 50 watts, already installed since some years…

It looks like JustBoom is not a-live-and-kicking… their homepage is already stuck for months with errors :

Somebody else is using JustBoom ? if i will buy multiple amps, i want something future proof…
Or any other tips for another amp hat if needed multiple in mutiroom setup like below?

I will need multiple amp hats for following installed speakers:

  • zone 1 : 2x 50W 8ohm
  • zone 2: 2x 50W 8ohm
  • zone 3: 2x 50W 8ohm
  • zone 4: 2x 50W 8ohm
  • zone 5: 2x 50W 8ohm
  • zone 6 : 4x 50W 8ohm (need to look how to play in sync, 4 speakers in a row)
  • zone 7 : 5.1 system around TV --> 4x 8/12ohm 120Watt and center 8ohm 100Watt, subwoofer not bought yet.

(all cables for all zones are grouped next to electrical cabinet)

thanks in advance for your ideas/opinions…

I use an IQAudio Pi-DigiAMP+ (of which I believe the Justboom is an imitation!) with great success. They’re a bit cheaper than the Justboom, and the company has been around for a while. Justboom are changing their manufacturing sources, which is why their products are mostly out of stock.

thanks @Yatsushiro, i will order/test one, also have to wait because they are also out of stock :slight_smile:

This happens from time to time, as Gordon makes them in batches.

It may be worth your while sending him an email asking when new stock will be available. (