Amlogic S805 CPU based mediaplayer, compatible with Volumio?

Hello everybody,

After reading about & checking the Ondroid C1 & C1+, I remembered I have a mediaplayer with a Amlogic S805 CPU. See link:
I asume that it has the same processor as the Ondroid C1.
Simple and maybe too simple question; is it possible to use Volumio on this mediaplayer as well?
Ofcourse I can just try it by inserting a TF card containing Volumio and see what happens. But if you say directly like; nope, codes need to be written/modified etc etc., its no use to format a Tf card etc etc.

Looking forward to replies and information.


Hi Benjamin,
Unfortunately it is an Android box, for Volumio you need one that can run linux.
It looks like you’re out of luck, there does not seem to be a linux distro for it.

Thanks for the info!! Then I’ll just buy a Odroid C1+ :slight_smile:
(Would have been nice ofcourse, because it a ncie and compact box, with all connections necessary).
Maybe a distribution comes in the future, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.