Ambiophonics plugin?

Hi all!
As Ambiophonics (RACE) is a free algorithm made available by the Ambiophonics Institute, I think it could be a good idea to develop a plugin for Volumio…
What do you think?



I am one of the few who converted to Ambiophonics about five years ago. I have experimented with both the plugin and hardware version.

If you guys are developing RACE plugin, could you also include an option to send the convoluted filter to another output.

I am currently using another media player with RACE plugin and convolution. Unfortunately, the implementation is not smooth and I thought an unifying RACE and convolution plugin would be ideal.

Thank you.


Interesting, if you need some help to get started, let me know!

Sorry for the delay. I am trying to familiarize with Volumio before making a suggestion.

If you are planning to add Ambiophonics plugin, could you also consider the followings:-

  1. Ambiophonics VST plugin.

  2. Ability to route signal to more than one USB DAC; or

  3. Volumio act as an interface between other media player and DAC.

Let me explain my situation, so that you get a better understanding.

I use a 26 speakers system. It was a slow progress with 2 speaker Ambiophonics to reach this level over five years. See diagram below.

I have also checked other media players but the option to send stereo output to more than one DAC is not available except if I use other programs like Cubase or Audiomulch. Such options are not feasible for non pros like myself.

I would like to see Volumio to be an universal media player where it can split and route any number of signals for separate processing. This can work within Volumio or Volumio take the output from other media player and split them.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to make this suggestion.



“I have also checked other media players but the option to send stereo output to more than one DAC is not available except if I use other programs like Cubase or Audiomulch. Such options are not feasible for non pros like myself.”

Sorry, I don’t get your point… Mmmh, you need to split a stereo signal into 26 channels, like in a Pro system, for your particular home-system, but you don’t see feasible to use the available professional softs which are intended, precisely for that (for that and for many other purposes)?
Just curiosity: why do you see that (the most logical to my point of view) option not feasible for you?

The only thing that comes to my mind is connect the stereo digital output - from a Raspberry or any other device where you have installed Volumio- to a dedicated pc with a professional soft like those ones you’ve indicated or others like Vst-Host ( or Cantabile. Install the Ambiophonics VST plugin in that Pro-software (Windows is the right original format for VST) and then split the output signal to several DACs until you reach the number of needed channels.
To re-program a musicplayer to satisfy a very specific professional need seems not the right path to satisfy that particular necessity, apart from the problems derivated from clocks to synchronize all those channels. …just my 2 cents!

Thank you so much for the suggestion. I have posted this question in other forums but none offered a solution until your response.

Could you please explain the last paragraph further?

I have Cubase but I wasn’t sure how to get it to read the output from the media player. The 700 over pages manual would take forever to read. I am still at it.

It looks like I need to have two PCs which you explained in your last paragraph. I was trying to run both in a single PC. That seemed to be a mistake.

Ok. Now how do I send the 13 stereo channels from a single PC? Suggestion was made that I add a RME Babyface but the dealer who was selling the RME wasn’t sure how to implement what I wanted.

I want to split stereo 2.0 to many different stereo output each with its own different DSP.

  1. first stereo output - Ambio DSP.

  2. second stereo output - different Ambio DSP.

  3. third and the rest - stereo with convolution filter and if possible PEQ. It must also have a delay ability. The convolution filter is different for each stereo out put.

My chart above is rather a comprised solution since I only have limited USB output. Ideally, the above chart got everything I wanted but it starts to break when I use three or four DAC for more zones created there. Furthermore, the limited USB port in the PC makes this option unsuitable.

Would appreciate if you offer a solution.

Thank you.


Hi ST,

As said before I think you have a very specific need (26 channels is totally unusual in a music-server for a home-system) which goes beyond the Volumio ‘leit-motiv’ (i.e. stereo/2-channels).
Why don’t you ask Ralph Glasgal directly? I am sure he will have a specific answer/proposal for such specific Ambiophonics configuration, IMHO…