Amazon Music HD Plugin

Does anyone on the Volumio staff have any news on compatibility with Amazon Music HD?


Without trying to out pressure on the dev teams it would be great to know if this is going to happen anytime soon.

It’s been almost a year since there was any
‘official’ update on what would be a flagship feature for many, so I’m not massively hopeful. If it’s been canned, or deprioritised, please just let us know so we can move on.

I would definitely be nice to know either way. For me it would be a massive plus. For now, I am using MoOde for my music mostly since it has the same features minus playing of CD and the interface is MUCH faster and less laggy across 4 different installations.
If Volumio had Amazon Music HD I would swap every device I have over even if it is slow to navigate and use.
Bear in mind also I paid for the premium, so I DO like VOlumio but I am going to use what works best, and currently the free to use MoOde is better in the ways that matter to me. I am in no way disparaging VOlumio at all. I think it is a fantastic bit of software/


Bump for the new year and hopefully some response. :slight_smile:

Any updates from @volumio team on such feature? It’s been more than a year since shared that something is moving…


I am just in the process of setting up Volumio and comparing it to other solutions, and Amazon Music support is a key feature for my use cases … any update highly appreciated!

It is possible to use a mobile phone or tablet with bluetooth to play through volumio, but it does tend to be a bit crackly for me. I too would be very keen to see a native Amazon Music client add-on and an update would be very welcome

I ask the Volumio team if there is any news on the integration with Amazon music HD

Hi there,
Would it be possible to advise if the project still goes on or was abandoned?
I postponed purchasing a new streamer in the hope that Volumio will have Amazon Music integration and benefit of the Minidsp SHD and Volumio sound quality.
Thank you in advance.

We never stopped pursuing Amazon Music integration, however this is not totally on our control.

I am happy to share that there is some very interesting progress (we now started the technical work, about 3 weeks ago). However there is not ETA on when this will be released, as it’s mostly Amazon’s decision when to allow us to


Thank you for the update. Looking forward to trial it.

Hi Volumio,

I was not following this thread closely, but am also waiting for Amazon Music HD support.

Some time back in very early 2023, you had indicated that you got access to the Amazon APIs and will now start working on development. It is perfectly fair that, as you indicated back then, this will take some time.

But now, roughly 1 1/2 years (!) later, there still seems to be zero progress. In contrast, in your post from May 18th, you say something like “we now started the technical work, about 3 weeks ago”. This makes me wondering what ever happened between Jan '23 and Apr '24?

Now you are saying “it is mostly Amazon’s decision when to allow us to” - release the Amazon Music HD integration? You are not really meaning to say that you started development while not having Amazon’s approval?

My music server project was going on with very low priority the last year or so, but now is finished. I have a really nice device built, and all I am waiting for to get the full, paid, Volumio version is this Amazon Music HD integration. And I am sure this - non-existence of such integration - is a blocker for many others out there as well.

So would be really appreciated if you could share some more details, both on where exactly is currently is, what the blockers are etc.

Best, Michael

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Really appreciate the update and hopefully Amazon help come to the party soon.

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Very anxious to get an update as well. Thanks


We effectively started work on Amazon Music HD, and the login and browsing part is completed and running very well.

What we miss is the last piece: the playback part. Unfortunately we are dependent on Amazon to provide instructions on how to implement this last part, and they recently told us they will provide it in (maybe) Q4.

To clarify: we are developing an official implementation so we are in close contact with Amazon and are approved by them, but as this things go, the control is fully on Amazon side on when we can release.