Amazon Music HD Plugin

I’ve subscribed for Amazon Music HD as my favorite streaming service.
Is it or would it be possible in the near future to use this within Volumio, which I will try as a new network player and music system.
I’m coming from the squeezebox system with a Logitech transporter as my network player, but planning to change to Volumio.
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+1. Pretty please.

Plus a LOT - game changer


+1 Pretty please with a cherry on top

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+1 here. You’re already a Roon killer. apply the coup de gras

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+1 +2 +3 +whatever

It is a yes from me!

I hear you guys, we are tring to get hold of them since months… but to no avail… Could not speak to anyone at amazon which could tell us how to get the application process started.

But,there has been one thing that has worked to get us in touch with the right people (with QOBUZ)…

A way to get their attention would be lot of us popping over their forums\communities and asking to allow the Volumio integration to happen :wink:


Yes please, + 1 from me

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Anyone reading my messages? We need you to create a request on Amazon forums, and show that there is interested from people for an Amazon HD Music integration in Volumio, otherwise they don’t listen to us…


where are the amazon forum? i create a request and a user post +1

I created a request thread over at Amazon. Let’s get this going!


Well done Chris! This is exactly what we need (we are asking since months but we did not manage to speak with anyone at amazon…)

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It’s funny, I haven’t even used Volumio yet. In doing research on building a network streaming solution, I came across Volumio. My sincere high compliments to the dev team on such a robust, full featured software platform! It seems a shame that such a high quality platform that runs on so many devices has no support for Amazon Music HD. Let’s hope there is a positive response from Amazon as their music service is also high quality and comparatively low cost vs other services.

I saw the post on Amazon and followed the advice given and used the Amazon Music App feedback, posting to the thread itself is not enough.

Start up the Amazon Music app, tap the 3 dots on the top right, tap ‘Contact customer support’ then ‘Give Feedback’ now you can write asking for Volumio support/intergration into Amazon Music HD.


Have added my comments on the link at Amazon


Have left Feedback to support Volumio at the Amazon Music app. That is where they look for sure.


+1 Posted to Amazon Forums!

I sent a message from the Amazon Music app on my iPhone asking if there’s documentation for their API. This was specifically for a Volumio plug-in.

On a related note, I’m using airplay from my phone to play Amazon Music through Volumio. It’s not as seamless as I’d like but it works reasonably well until a plug-in can be sorted out.

On another related note, I found an Amazon Music Github project a while back. I’ll see if I can dig it up and post a link.

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