Amazon Music HD Plugin


@volumio can you share if work with Amazon has continued or slowed down/stopped?

+1 for this feature.

Please get this going!!

Please help with that by asking Amazon to make it possible as mentioned above.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry to report that the conversation with them is now stopped, is about 4 months they don’t reply to our mails…

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Any news on this? Amazon Music does not support DLNA, only Chromecast on Amazon Music android app.
Any work around to stream to Volumio? I can’t find any option in BubbleUPnP for this.

We received a reply from Amazon, but other than that, no news

They probably want to sell as many Echo Dots as possible, but the newest doesn’t have and audio output connector? So Amazon must pay for Google Chromecast API instead? The HD music streaming service that incorporates UPnP/DLNA would be king of subscribers.


I don’t work with arrogant companies and Amazon is very arrogant in this matter.
You can try Tidal (I don’t like them too much also) but you can use Tidal connect or UPNP and have a good sound.

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+1 on this. Want to switch to Amazon Music…

+1 for Amazon Music plug-in

+1 for this app

There is some progress on this… Wish us luck :wink:

Won’t share further comments until there is something substantial, but something is moving…


That is good news indeed - waiting for an update :smiley:



The day that this works is the day I buy a Rivo :blush:

then you have 2 wait till they release a api ( i guess never )

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Then it would be really sad for me as I lose the chance to get the Rivo. :slightly_frowning_face:

@volumio hope you have good news soon.

we shall see in time if amazon will release a way to use it.


We finally have been authorized by Amazon to have their SDK. So, the works to integrate Amazon Music can start.

This however is quite a long work, and it won’t be released until the second half of 2023.

We will keep you posted on the progress