Always on for the Volumio app

Does Volumio work on “always on” feature for the app? It would be nice to keep the display of my tablet alive during playback!

The app act as a remote. Once you play something the player doesn’t need it. The same with a web browser on a computer or smartphone or tablet.

may this is what you are looking for…

But, this is for advanced android users and will not work on every android device::

Always on means I can see the music playing and after a few tracks I can simply pick up the tablet to search for a new track. I do not need to log in again on my tablet.

Wakey app for Android

Assuming that you are using an android tablet.

Have a look for an App called fully kiosk browser

I use it instead of the Volumio app. You can set it up to be allways on, allways full screen, and I also have it to auto start when the device starts.


The kiosk browser is exactly what I want, thank you very much!

And…thanks to all who replied to my post.