ALSA Equalizer over WebUI adjust

Hi there,

i was a longer time search for an equalizer, for my Raspi 3/HifiBerry/Volumio 2. A few days ago i found this instruction

It works perfectly and makes exactly what I was looking for. What bothers me is the laborious handling over putty. I have several headphones which need different settings. So I would wish…

  1. Is it possible to fix the ALSA EQ into the Web UI?
  2. Even better it would be the possibility to save more presets. :unamused:

I would be happy if item 1 could be implemented.

Thank you for your answers.

It sounds like you could get this working by creating a plugin for the web-UI that would execute the necessary shell commands to change settings based on saved presets. However dunno much about programming or the volumio inner workings to know exactly if it would be feasible, hopefully someone will corroborate or negate my hypothesis.

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I plan to write something ( a plugin for volumio ) using alsaequal. No roadmap…
But, if you need an equalizer, you can test brutefir plugin, that provides a equalizer, with some presets. Even if you don’t want to use advanced feature of brutefir ( drc, the first target), you can install it and in one click use its equalizer.
It still in dev and may not work as expected. But it is worth to test.
the thread on the forum : volumio2-and-brutefir-t4151-100.html
the direct link : …
If you test and write something, please do it in the given thread, not here. Thanks