Allow filtering by Genre in Qobuz

Qobuz allows all of its views such as New Releases to be filtered by one of its 14 Genres. Volumio doesn’t seem to implement this which makes looking for things much less straightforward. I’m don’t know if the same affects Tidal.


Thanks, this way your request won’t go lost.
No guarantee for implementation but at least you get an answer.

There’s another part to this too in that when you filter by genre you get more selections for that genre that are skipped entirely when “All Genres” is selected. You can see that if you go into the Qobuz desktop app. Look for an album by “Dead Best” in Rock/Pop when filtered for that and then look at “All Genres” and it doesn’t appear. Volumio obviously uses the “All Genres” as the filter by default.

Very important feature for me too. Still struggling between Roon (great implementation of Qobuz), and Volumio (Qobuz integration is weak, HIGHRESAUDIO integration is better, but available titles are not that large). Best would be to have Qobuz integration similar as HIGHRESAUDIO in Volumio!

At this point I’m going to not subscribe to Volumio since I found myself going into Audirvana to find music and then back to Volumio to play it. In version 2 I could use DLNA from AV to Volumio and just hit play, but DLNA doesn’t work in v3 as it should. I’m going back to v2 since I have the image and setup takes all of 10 seconds. The one thing I’ll miss is multiroom but I’m not paying a monthly fee just for that. I’m already oversubscribed to music services because my car can only play Tidal but I prefer Qobuz for home.

I’ll check occasionally to see if Qobuz gets improved and reconsider.

If you use an Android phone, download BubbleUPnP. It allows filtering by genre in Qobuz. Volumio will show up as renderer in the app.

But Volumio v3 DLNA has a bug where it doesn’t return time information so the server doesn’t know where it is. v3 plays everything sent to it but it stops after the first 2 tracks as these are queued up and buffered and it never tells the server NEXT!!! I’m sure it’ll eventually get fixed but until then I can’t use it even for that. It would be less important if the Qobuz filtering was implemented.

I use v2 with Audirvana and it works just fine.

I wanted this to work for me but it just didn’t.

Genre filtering would be great. The “new releases” feature is the one I use most on Qobuz, but without genre filtering (as in Volumio) it’s useless. [I’m using Volumio more and more, but not for finding new music.]

You should take a look at LMS. There you can do the complete library requirements and still use Volumio as end point.
I find myself using LMS more and more as Volumio is loosing focus on this part.


Thanks, James

Logitech Media Server


I am definitely in need of Genre in Qobuz. Can someone please explain why this is so difficult to implement and if it is in the works? This my #1 problem with Volumio. Thanks for your response.

Until the Volumio team can figure out how to add the genre filtering, a workaround is to use BubbleUPnP if you use an Android phone.

@volumio Could you comment on whether this will be added? I am trialing Volumio Premium at the moment as a replacement for Roon, and as a Qobuz user this missing feature (the inability to filter new releases on genre or browse genre) is a showstopper for me.

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not only Genre filtering, but all other filtering capabilities allowed by Qobuz. This is a major fault on what would be a perfect implementation.