Allo Piano 2.1


I am using Allo Piano 2.1 in 2.2 mode with 2 subs (ported custom Visaton 10"). XO is set to 50hz LPF My speakers are Shahinian Obelisks, amps are SoundArt Rock and Nad C 270 (for subs) It sounds more or less the same as my Mac based system (I would say bass is better with Allo, while highs are a bit better with Asus Xonar U7)

2 questions:

  • what is the LPF slope for Allo Piano 2.1 in Volumio?
  • what is HPF slope for above?



I’m not totally sure, but I think they are both 24dB/octave Butterworth filters.

Thanks Jonners. What makes you think so?

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I had an exchange of emails a while ago with one of Allo’s engineers. I checked just now, and he said that they are ‘Butterworth 2’ filters. So they are presumably 2nd order filters with a roll-off of 12dB per octave - not 24dB as I previously stated.

Cool! Thanks. Usually the LPF for subs are 24dB and HPF higher up Frequency are 12dB.

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