Allo Piano 2.1

Have been using Allo Piano 2.1 with lot of pleasure with Volumio 2.246

After loading the latest 2.565 version, the Allo Piano 2.1 DAC is not working any more
I have not done an update but downloaded the latest image from Volumio site
I need to configure with no Dual Mode and Subwoofer mode 2.2

My set up is RapberryPi + Allo Kali + Allo Piano 2.1

Any idea ?

I have the same setup and problem occur today after upgrading to 2.565. It looked like even though the piano 2.1 dac was configured properly in boot.txt, it was not getting properly loaded. I went to .local/dev, set test mode to true, then back to system to check for upgrades. There is a 2.566 version available. Upgrading to that version fixed whatever issue was preventing piano dac driver from getting loaded.

Works perfectly with 2.572 :slight_smile:

Thanks to Volumio team !

RapberryPi + Allo Kali + Allo Piano 2.1
No Dual Mode
Subwoofer mode 2.2