Allo Piano 2.1 Dual-Mono


I have the folllowing setup running Volumio 2.688;

Volt Amp with Capacitance Multiplier
Piano 2.1
Kali Reclocker
Rasp Pi 4

I’ve been using it with DSP Dual Mode set to None and Subwoofer 2.2 and it works fine.

In anticipation of a soon to arrive Volt+ D I decided to remove the Sub and try setting the mode to Dual-Mono but when I do this I only get sound out of the right channel.

I’ve reflashed the SD card with the latest Volumio and setup from scratch but otherwise not sure where to start workiing out what’s going wrong.

Has anyone got Dual-Mono mode working with this setup and are there any specific settings I should be looking at.

Many thanks

Exact same experience here, I just checked. Running a version from Feb. 2019, will upgrade to latest and check again.

All is fine in dual stereo mode.

Note that dual mono used to work like a charm when it was first supported. Something must have changed along the way.

See link maybe that solves your problem. … nt-1006571

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Updated to latest version, same result. Volume for the left channel is very low (~20% of right channel). Switching between dual stereo en dual mono a few times , rebooting…and we’re back for as long as it lasts. This has all the hallmarks of a DAC initialization issue.

Hi, same here.

I resolved this by ssh to volumio: ssh volumio@ip for volumio
password: volumio
I noticed that the master volume was different for left and right channels, even in dual mono.
I was able to type in the same gain values for both channels in the master volume control.
This resolved the low volume on one channel
On reboot, however, I am back to the same problem of different gains on the master volume control for both channels.

How can one get the gain settings to persist on reboot?

If you access alsamixer from SSH and set Dual MONO, you can hear the sound.
However, even if the left and right volumes are corrected, the sound quality itself may be strange. Isn’t the phase or the balance of the playback band strange?