Allo LCD Touch with Vana Player. Touchscreen not working


I am setting up an Allo Touchscreen 7" LCD with the Allo Sparky Vana Player. Currently using the Touch Display Plugin, I am able to bring up the display on the Sparky Based Vana with LCD Touch but the screen is getting cropped and the touchscreen isn’t working. Could you please help me out.

You bought something not on the Volumio store. And this item is not on the VOlumio store for one reason: its not ufficially supported.
So sorry, but here is not the right place to ask for help on this, sorry.

Your store has almost all the ALLO products except for the LCD. So I was hoping maybe that is something you are working on or probably will be added in the near future. I do not see any LCD mentioned in the store and from within the application, only Raspberry Pi official Touchscreen shows as supported. I see a lot of people trying out workarounds to get other LCD’s to work and was hoping someone could help me out.
Given the number of people interested in ALLO products this would be something useful as the ALLO LCD is the only LCD supported by Sparky. My objective is to have an independent unit.

Anyway no worries, if someone could help me then great else I will have a LCD doing nothing lying at home.

Appreciate your response Michelangelo.

I will take a look at Allo LCD and see if we can make it work, you’re right that it will be a great addition to have an independent unit

Brilliant. Thanks a ton Michelangelo. Appreciate it.