Allo DigiOne

I originally posted this on the unsupported developments section. I should instead be here.

I’m using an Allo DigiOne board with 2.246. It works fine mostly - am I supposed to be using the “special” version? 2.246 has support so I assume it’s officially supported now.

The problem I’m having is that if I pause the music for while or music stops and I leave the RPi 3 untouched for a few minutes it either hangs, sleeps or shuts down, I can’t tell which - I get the screen with the revolving dots.

Am I doing something wrong?

I2S DAC is selected. Mixer type is NONE. I had no such issues with the HiFiBerry Digi+.


we have no report of this type of behavior on DigiOnes. I would recommend waiting for the new version of Volumio.

It’s not a big issue, if I pause for a short time, eg a very few minutes then it’s ok. I’ll experiment some more.

I’ve just tried it again…after a pause of 25 mins it was ok so I don’t know what happened yesterday. Maybe the wifi lost connection?

wifi from RPI3…not to be used for audio. At least use a better USB wifi dongle (with 2 antennas etc)

Question for the commenter from Allo: Will the DigiOne work with Volumio on a Tinker Board?

Really! What if router is nearby.
If needed is there a certain wifi chip that works best?
Also is a hard connection to router preferred?

There is support for new boards coming, but I DigiOne is not one of them.
Pls. open a separate thread in the help section if you like to know which ones will become available for Tinker Board.