Allo Digione won't boot up

Hello guys
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Just received the Allo Digione, inserted the sd card,but no booting

1.Green led is stable lid
2.Lan is dead(no connection )
3.HDMI is dead (no signal).

Is there any chance that the card provided was blank?Or something else i am ignoring?



I just downloaded the Volumio Software for my Raspberry Pi, and it won’t boot either. This is with no Top Hat Attached.

See if your Raspberry Pi will boot without the Digione… Mine won’t - fails on bootup.

PiCorePLayer however will work just fine, With or without the Digione.

If your Raspberry won’t boot, there is something wrong with the Download Code.

How old is your Raspberry PI?

See this thread -


I flashed a brand new sd card with the latest version,and here are the results.

1.The device boots up.I connect the hdmi and i see the login screen

2.Hotspot is dead.I cannot find the volumio network

3.I connect via Lan to the volumio.local and try to set the hotspot to ON.When i exit this NETWORK page and re-enter,i see that the hotspot is again off.

Maybe a problem with the WIfi of that device?

Any advice?

Are you running a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ?


I go the ALLO – DIGIONE PLAYER complete kit,it says it uses the Pi3


I am checking now the whole procedure.

Is it possible to use a compatible WIFI dongle on USB of RPI ? Just to eliminate the WIFI of RPI3 as a cause …

Second…you should not use RPI3 wifi for good sound. Its not a very performant wifi


I got the complete Allo player.Do you suggest changing the Rasp module?
Also,install any Wifi dongle and check?
I suppose no drivers needed for Rasp


Any hints as to what is the problem?
When i access via lan,i activate the hotspot,but it keeps deactivating by itself when i exit the NETWORK tab…
When accessing the NETWRK tap again,hotspot is deactivated again.