Allo Digione & Sparky


yesterday I got the Allo Digione & the Allo Sparky from Volumio Shop. Today I´ve installed the actual Volumio SPC Image, but with no success in activating the Digione. Is there a certain procedure to activate the Digione? In the playback option menu I can select Allo Piano as output device, but in the DACmodel part, I can not select the Allo Digione.

Thanks for your help.

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Problem concerns only the actual Sparky image. With Raspberry the Digione functions perfect.

Nevertheless it is a little bit pitty, that the Sparky is not optimal supported, although it is offered in the Volumio shop.


If you look at the Allo website, it states that the DigiOne is for the RPi only, not Sparky:

Yes, on the Allo website there is an explicit statement, but not at the Volumio shop.
I‘ve ordered both the Digione and the Sparky from the Volumio shop.

Christian, I am sorry that you ended up in this situation. Please contact me at info at volumio dot org I will offer you a little compensation, or help

Hi Michelangelo,

thanks for your offer, but I´ve solved the problem with a Raspberry 3. I use the Sparky with a Piano 2.1 at another configuration.