Allo Cheapo DAC and Volumio on RPi

So, a bit confused, I have to ask, before I dive in to problems.

A friend just dropped here an Allo Cheapo DAC.
I would like to put it on top of a spare RPi 3 B.

I see in some topics here, that it will not work, because the Cheapo is made for a Sparky board.

Allo says in manual, that it is fully Raspberry compatible.

Some topics here are talking about different DAC, which accidentally get reported as Allo Cheapo by the Volumio software. So This DAC somehow is mentioned in the Volumio code.

So before I put it al together and start a nightmare, is someone here, who can tell me, if it is possible or not?
Or that I have count with some workarounds?

Thanks very much in advance,


The Cheapo will not work on an RPi. It has no onboard DAC, so only works with the Sparky SBC, with a 3 pin connector for audio connection between the two.

I guess, with a lot of work, you could make it work, but it’s not plug and play.

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Ok, thanks for clearing it up. So, it goes in to the drawer, next year an Sparky board has to come :smiley: