Allo Boss2 + Raspberry Pi 4B 2Gb + SanDisk 16Gb Micro SD

I bought this in December of 2022 and ran it for two months before upgrading to a digi HAT and an external DAC.

It is complete with remote and original packaging. It is “as new” with no marks or blemishes on the case. The stick on rubber feet are my addition - they peel off easily, however, they are great stopping the case sliding around on smooth surfaces.

It is in perfect working order and includes a Raspberry Pi 4B 2Gb and a new 16Gb SanDisk Ultra Micro SD card with Volumio 3.449 loaded.

I have initialised the system so all that is needed is a power supply and you should be good to go (it is currently set up for a single power supply). It sounds superb.

Because of the complexities of dealing with UK Customs & Exicse I will only post to UK mainland.

Price: £130.00 plus postage

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