Allo BOSS out of stock?


I wanted to order today the Allo BOSS Player but I have noticed that Allo BOSS is out of stock.
Any particular reason about it?


Hi Alberto,
the only reason is that Allo does not have them in stock, and the next production batch will be ready for shipping on 10th april :wink:

Hi Michelangelo,

thanks for the info. It looks Allo BOSS has become quite popular if they went out of stocks.
I’ll wait for the next batch to be available.


Yes, it’s a best-seller for sure

Thanks for your patience :wink:

Any delay on delivery?
I can’t wait to buy the Allo Boss player and test it but it’s still out of stock.

I’ve seen that it’s available now and already placed my order!!

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Ive had mi e for only about a month now, best purchase I’ve made in a long while! It has truly given me a renewed love for my music.

Let us know what you think/ how you get on when it arrives!!
Happy day.


the Allo Boss Player arrived without any issue. I just had to plug in and … enjoy the music. :unamused:

My very old amp Cyrus I and my old speakers Mission 781 (bought them in 1990) have started smiling again, if I may say that. I’m really impressed by this product.
My next goal is to convert all my CD library in FLAC and put them in a hard disk connected to Volumio.

I have read that to get the best from Allo Boss you need to “warm” it for some time. Can I run a playlist continuosly on Volumio even if the amplifier is switched off to warm the Allo Boss?

I’m not expert in electronics and I’m not sure if I can make any damage by doing in this way.


Really glad to hear you are enjoying your boss player!
It’s a relatively quick task ripping cds to FLAC, a process I actually enjoyed doing.

With regards to burning in the player, I’m certainly no expert but what you suggest with the playlist running certainly can’t hurt, I’d imagine it’s exactly what would be recommended.

Does the Boss need to be ‘warmed up’ every time to get the best sound, or it just needs to be ‘burnt in’ once when it’s new ?

Doesn’t need warming up but will definitely be at its best after a few minutes playing.
I ‘burnt’ mine in for 50 hours to speed things up after buying, my headphones too