All music plays too fast, high pitched on fresh install (x86 / VM / Proxmox)

I am on Volumio 3.396,iInstalled on a VM in Proxmox.

All music I play is high pitched and plays back too fast. There are no issues like this on my Raspberry Pi installs. Is there any specific settings I should pay attention to, to solve this?


Volumio is not supported to run in a VM, so unless someone from the community can help, there is not much we can do.

Not much information to go on, care to give some details? Like what sort of music and which output (onboard audio, usb audio ?).

Experiment with a few resampling options (like 16bit/44Khz).
Same issue on Virtual Box?

Other than that there is noting I can help with.
As @Wheaten already mentioned, VM is unsupported.

All music output is distorted, Web Radio, local MP3, Spotify, Youtube, etc. Output is analog out, emulated using SPICE in Proxmox, but using different methods hasn’t helped.

I reinstalled Volumio on default settings, to check if it would resolve the issue, but it didn’t help.
Played around with various settings, resampling, switching Mixer Type, DSD Playback Mode, no audible differences.

Haven’t had the chance to try VirtualBox yet, but it would also not fit into my current setup in any way unfortunately.
I understand VMs are unsupported, but would love to be able to resolve this somehow. I’d be able to save myself an extra Raspberry Pi.


For obvious reasons.
Like with proxmox, we have no idea what SPICE does to Volumio audio and have no interest to investigate it.
A USB DAC could be an option.
Otherwise fingers crossed for someone else’s help.