Alexa voice commands list

Hi, I’m a MyVolumio Virtuoso subscriber. I was able to connect Volumio to Alexa, but what do with it now? I’ve tried “Alexa, play […] Tidal playlist on Volumio” but unfortunately it doesn’t look it’s working this way. So, what’s the list of the available voice commands? Thanks.

@dvo This is pretty limited compared with a proper Alexa skill. I have to say that I haven’t really looked at Volumio’s skill … something to go on the todo list.

i think you could create your own with ifttt combined with the rest api options… @chsims1

Not wanting to argue here, but have you tried to do anything complex or slightly different with ifttt? A native Alexa skill is the way to go… I’ll report back when I’ve tried it properly. :wink:

@chsims1 i agree with that you will have all the options instead the few you could create with ifttt,
and i don’t like ifttt as a middle men…
i found mqtt to … alexa integration
but don’t know if it work for the 3.xx or at all it’s from 2017