Albums on USB drive disappear after a while

Hardware: Mercury V2
Using Volumio app on an iPad
4Tb USB drive attached


My Music shows 7475 artists. 8616 albums and playtime 7010:34:30
Tap Search icon at bottom right then shows USB at top right
Tap USB and it shows name of SSD drive which is “Music”
Tap Music and a Play symbol in a circle appears
Then list of folders appears and music can be played

This lasts about 30 mins
Then, going back to list of folders, all have disappeared

The only way to get it back is to close the app, switch off the Mercury, wait a while and restart

Are there perhaps too many albums on this SSD? It is a 4Tb drive formatted NTFS
Or a different problem?

Thank you

It could well be a hardware problem, better to ask the manufacturer of that device for support

Its a SAMSUNG 4Tb SSD, they have no control over how it is used. Diamond HDD manager reported no errors, I had been through that aspect before writing the post

I get the impression that the Mercury is somewhat on the slow side and does not like frequent commands being sent

Are there any experts for using Volumio on an iPad?

I think what Darmur was refering to was a hardware problem with the mercury, caddy or the SSD itself

There could be a few issues regarding harware faults,
The USB on the mercury could be failing,
The caddy in which you have the SSD could be failing, even the interface on the ssd itself could fail.
Possible also the mercury usb os not fully compatible with the caddies usb inter face.

The fact that you say if you turn it off for a while and its ok afterwards points towards hardware failure

Thanks - it does not really narrow it down much. I’ll try some substitutes

In the meantime, I attached a monitor and keyboard to the device and logged to the Command Line interface
Then did a “erase settings” followed by a “factory reset”
Formatted the SD card and loaded the .IMG file with belanaEtcher
Restarted it, scanned the USB drive
Its behaving now
I even tried a Airplay from the iPad, using Tidal

Changing one thing at a time, changed the Audio Resampling to 24 bit 96KHz with Very High Algorithm Quality

Then experimented with the DAC types, changing from HiFiBerry to Generic I2S

The Mercury is connected to a Devialet 440 with an AES cable

Up to now I have been using a Lumin D1. Smoother interface and no hiccups. I’m trying to decide if the sound of the Mercury using Volumino is any better of worse than the Lumin