Albums are identified with Album and Author combination

I am new to Volumio. I have copied several aif files to the local sd card. The files are listed in Volumio but the albums seem to be listed per Album name + Author combination. This is quite annoying. The same album, say, which has 16 songs are listed as 16 albums with 1 song each because each song in the album has a different author.
Is there a way to make volumio ignore the author when listing albums?


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Have you tried the setting:

Yes, I think that affects the artist list. But what there doesn’t seem to be a setting for Album. So the album list seems to be taking albumartist by default. There should be a similar dropdown for album which have the values albumartist and album. But that seems to be missing. I think we could always change the javascript in the ui and remove the artist part from the album list :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll have to retag your albums to VA or various artists if it is in fact one of those.

The searching doesn’t seem that easy compared to Foobar for example