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Hi guys I have a little problem, in my hard drive I have an album that includes the best guitar solos. The problem arises from the fact that volumio doesn’t recognize me as a single file but breaks it down by single artist so at the end of each track I have to start the next track. There is the possibility of making it sound like a single artist album. Thank you.

Containing folder
\Various Artists
Then your guitar solo album in its own folder
\The Best Guitar Solos

\Various Artists\The Best Guitar Solos\ song files here

Tag the files with
Album = The Best Guitar Solos
Album Artist = Various Arrists
Artist = Actual player of that guitar solo

So a song file might be
Filename: 01 Sultans Of Swing.flac
Album: The Best Guitar Solos
Title: Sultans Of Swing
Track: 01
Artist: Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
Album Artist: Various Artists

The Album tag will make the tracks belong to the same album
The Album Artist tag will keep them together

Ok thank for suggestion

Maybe use a free program like mp3tag (on a Windows machine) to edit the tag information stored inside the track files, as PW describes above. It works for most music file formats.

Also in the volumio gear menu, the setting of volumio/sources/Music Library Settings/Sort Artists by should be set to ‘albumartist’, not ‘artist’.

So drag the track files into mp3tag (or similar), and set the album artist tags for all tracks to something like Various or various artists and then save the modified track files in place of the old ones. Backup files first as required, but I don’t normally bother.

This will retain the artist information for each track, but Volumio will treat it as one album, not disconnected tracks, tied together by the album artist tag which you added.

Alternatively, just set up a playlist containing the various tracks you want, and access them that way, which is easier to do but less tidy.

Rock on etc. :slight_smile: