Album pictures do not show

Hi guys. my Volumio system does not show artists’ images. I would like to solve the problem with your help. Thank you.

Artist images come from the internet, Album art is from local image files.

Hi, to me it looks like a metadata problem: we look for the album name and artist name when fetching online albumarts. In your case, note that the album name has (1985) in it, this will make the album albumart search fail

I also have the same issue for some of my albums, I use this trick:

  1. download the album cover from internet
  2. rename the file as folder.jpg
  3. put the file in the same folder of the mp3/flac files with missing artwork

Good trick. Why not put it in the guides section as it’s own topic so easily found?

And how do we do this for artists?
Have every folder organized by AlbumArtist, every folder has a artist.jpg and .jpg. Still a lot is missing.
Why doesn’t Volumio not check first the tags for cover art nd 2nd the album name?

I’ll try your trick. thank you

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if volumio works like iTunes, there is no problem!
I don’t like having album covers, I prefer the same artist image for the whole collection. for example, for Frankie’s Goes To Hollywood discography, I only have one image instead of different covers.
images inserted with MP3TAG for Windows.