album not sorted by name , and compilation albums (2 issues)


1.I am using 2 folders with music over the network , and it seems the album order by name is not in order. it seems that first volumio shows the albums in the 1st folder by name order , and then the 2nd folder by name order… is there a way to combine and sort all my music by album name (without splitting it to folders?)

2.compilation albums are showing not as one albums - but as many tracks there is - for example if i have compilation album with 10 tracks , it shows 10 times under the albums tab , with the same album name and different artist - instead as one album… is it possible to change that?


Does this have any solution yet? compilation albums are making mess if you have all tracks properly tagged - this makes “Album” view completely unusable.

Just small example:

…and I have hundreds like this.

Possible switching sorting to Album name and album folder will be just enough to fix this, but I have no idea if this is possible