Album library not recognized in iTunes media Music folder

Volumio does not list the albums. My albums are stored by iTunes in an external USB HD with my MacBook under the iTunes Media/Music/ folder. All albums have been stored in WAV format structure by Artistname/Album name/ArtistAlbumTrucknumberTrackname.wav.
I can acces the Tracks by clicking trough the whole path from “Musiclibrary”, however i would like to acces the tracks from the section “Album” as i want the get access from external divices by mpd apps, which can only access the Album library. Seems to look like an mpd problem.

I dont want to copy all tracks from the iTunes Music folder to different place and/or in different format. i tried to change the mpd.conf file directing the path of music to the above mentioned iTunes path. However this did not work als mpd could not find the path to the external USB.

Any ideas?