Album fails to play when "Album Artist" != "Artist"


When browsing through the albums view, playing an album fails when the ID3v2 tag “Album Artist” is set and differs from the “Artist” tag

Note that the same album plays fine if accessed through the “Artists” view.

Deleting the “Album Artists” tag on all tracks or editing it with the same value as the “Artist” tag fixes the issue

Running version 2.285.

After digging a bit more into the issue, it seems to be related to the handling of “Album Artist” IDv3 tag.

All albums having tracks with populated fail to play from the Albums view unless:

  • has same value as
  • OR = “Various Artists” or “Various” or “VA” and maybe a few variations

I fixed the issue by removing “Album Artist” tag from all my albums, keeping it only for compilations where I set it to “Various Artists”