Album cover with Volumio2

Hello guys
I am a novice with volumio

I have used volumio 1.55 in Raspberry2 and mpod/mpad om my phone
I have 2500 albums im my dlink NAS
There was a problem with mounting my NAS but I searched some tips here and solved it

A few days ago I updated to volumio2
Mounting NAS through web UI was well done.
But I have a problem with album cover on my phone
I guess that there must be a change in Volumio2 and have no idea

so far I have used following tip but now it doesn’t work

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/
ln -s /var/lib/mpd/music /var/www/Music

I need some helps
Thank you

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For me, covers embedded in audio files new show up in the Volumio GUI. I don’t think there’s support for that.

However, if I put a file cover.jpg in an album’s folder, it usually works.