Album/cover art grid view in File/Directory browsing mode

I have noticed that the album/cover art grid view is only available when browsing by Album or by Artist, not when browsing by file and directory structure.
As it gets more and more difficult to have all tags properly setup in a growing audio library to get a clean Album or Artist view, browsing by file/directory structure remains yet the preferred browsing mode.
Therefore my suggestion to extend the album/over art grid view to the file/directory browsing mode.
Which is, in a way, what the Windows file browser would do, using for instance the default folder.jpg or cover.jpg (or .png) image files.
May be this is already working, but I have not found how to activate this feature yet.
A last word to congratulate the volumio founder and developpers for this great piece of software !
This is the cheapest and most stunning evolution of my Hi-Fi system for years, without changing anything else.
Highly recommended.