Album Art

Hello All,

I installed then Volumio 2.001-2016-10-15-pi on my RPI3.
I only play FLAC files, each of them includes 300x300 dpi JPG album art in the tag.
But it seems those JPG album art pictures are not displayed in Volumio 2. Could you help for this feature? Is there anybody else in the same case?


We’re not showing the embedded albumart since it caused a significant performance issue…

Hi Michelangelo,

Thanks for your reply,
Is there any way to show the AlbumArt when playing music?
I’m actually user of RuneAudio and this feature is working fine, but I would prefer to use Volumio’s Library (AND AlbumArt display)


Volumio will not show albumarts integrated in files. Your best bet is put a cover.jpg in the folder of the files, this will be showed

I commented on that on my thread runeaudio-user-testing-volumio2-questions-and-thoughts-t5215.html
Made a python script using mutagen that extracts the album art and places it on the folder - a total quick and dirty hack job, but will report back if it works (I don’t have access to my volumio box right now - so only extraction has happened, anxious to see if volumio picked up the changes)

There are of course, utilities to do that - a quick google search gave me a few options, mostly on windows, from what I could see


Replying to my own post! Ran my script, extracted the internal covers to cover.jpg for every dir. Yay! :smiley:

So it looks great - however there is a performance hit - screen shot below is kind of slow scrolling down, even at the local display. Maybe my covers are too big ( between 600x600 and 900x900 at 300dpi). However it works and it looks great - more importantly it displays the covers while playing - maybe I misunderstood @michelangelo, but I thought that the internal covers would display in the playback tab. Well - my volumio box is not network connected so internet covers are not available - cover did not show up in the library or the playback tab, until I ran script and extracted covers to cover.jpg. So doing this was a necessity.

That said, it looks great! I am currently enjoying a great prog playlist thru Schiit gear.

Big thanks to all devs