Album art

I would suggest to add the possibility to disable the automatic retrieve of album art from the web and only use the picture embedded in the files or the folder.
All my music files have the right picture embedded but the art retrieved from the net is not always correct or is missing.

This is not a very important feature but will be nice to have.

Anyway, very nice job.


I agree with that. I have ripped all versions of albums I own with the correct album art and using the embedded art or folder.jpg is the only way to distinguish the releases more easily. And even when listening music the art is important

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On the playback page, if you have an image on the same folder of the file, this one is displayed. Only if an image can’t be found, they get retrieved online. We’re seeing some occasional error when song file name contains strange characters like / & ? .

Could you please post a screenshots of when you don’t see your coverart?


The display seems ok on the play screen, the problem arise in the album and artist displays as you can see in the attached screen captures.
capture 1 is the album display
captures 2 and 3 are the contents of the folders containing the files on the NAS.

See here:

We’re aware of the grid view system albumart issue. Unfortunately we’re not able to retrieve the local images in this mode, since we don’t have an access to the file path information when querying mpd for the album and artists list…

If someone can jump in an propose a solution it will be much appreciated!

Sorry I wasn’t aware this was already known.

Nothing to say sorry and thanks for the feedback :wink:

What I do not understand is that you use the Artist instead of the Album Artist tag. I think the “work around” in MPod/MPad to assume that the user has organized his music library in a certain way does make sense. With that you could link the album in the album view with the appropriate cover in the “assumed” directory. It would also solve another issue that I face with the setup of volumio. Entering the album view I do not get albums but I get album/artists. That means I see one album several times based on the different artists it contains. I would get only one album if “Album artist” would be used. As far as I know in Mpod you can chose which tag to use. Would that make sense to you?
Other than that I really enjoy volumio! It is a great tool. I will now experiement with the brutefir plugin and whether I can replace my main setup using mpd/jackd/brutefir. Since some time I am looking for a solution that covers DRC for spotify too. I hope that this will work! :smiley: