Album Art not retrieving from NAS drive

Hi, I have a Raspberry pi 3B and installed latest Volumio on it (3.546).

Love this app. Am using the free version and have a well structured NAS drive with album folders under artists and album art folder.jpg files for everything (set this up for XMBC back in the day.

If I put the same files on a USB thumb drive, attach it to the Pi, reset the library and turn off web album art, it works great. nothing for the artists, but the albums all appear with the images I have for them. If I set the Web Album switch On afterwards, I get images for all the artists - cool. Exactly what I want.

However… when I remove the thum drive. rescan so NO albums appear in the system, connect to an SMB NAS ver=1.0 , reset album art cache and rescan the library, I get all the same albums appear - but without art work. Just the default Volumio image for the covers. I can enable the web art and it pulls it in for the Artist but never for the albums… I’ve done control experiments / comparisons all day - the above results repeat.

I’m begining to wonder if the Twonky DNLA server on the WD NAS is causing issues… Bottom line is I now need a local store for the songs on my RPi streamer, if i want to see the album art.

What am I missing…?

Try clearing your browser cache and rescan. Probably trying to find the cached images in the now disconnected drive.

If you have a well stuctured library have you tried not using the DNLA browser and connecting straight to the share.
You’ll need your nas ip address user and pass ( if set up) and your share name. Works almost perfectly on mine setup this way.