Alarm with weekly program and radiostations

It would be nice if you could program a full week with eg a different alarm for each day, and with the possibilty to also program a radiostation als source.

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Simple alarms are available now (Settings > Alarm), but I agree that something more versatile would be good … in fact, sounds ideal for a plugin. :grin:

+1 for this. Setting an alarm with the day option would be great rather than at this time every 24 hours.
And you can set radio stations to be alarms - but it’s not super intuitive.
You have to save the radio station as a regular playlist.
This is done via the Queue tab on the main playing page (The three lines button, bottom right next to the little speaker button).
Once here save the station you are playing as a playlist. It is then available to set as an alarm.

I would love a extended alarm function for Volumio as i am in the process of building an Alarm clock with the PI Zero WH.

Additional to the existing interface:

  1. Day toggles MON - SUN (on/off)
  2. Source selection: Playlist - Radio station - Streaming plugin (Spotify etc) and a single song to wake up to.
  3. Next to the Alarm ON time a Alarm OFF time setting.

and if you really want to go Alarm clock:
4. GPIO settings for Alarm ON - SNOOZE - OFF
With a time setting for SNOOZE.