Alarm setting cannot be disabled - Fixed in v2.185


As far as I can tell, nobody has reported this yet. I’ve recently started using the alarm function with Volumio. Works great. Set the time, set to “on”, and select the desired playlist, and the system begins playing the specified playlist at the specified time. Perfect. The problem is when I don’t want the alarm (i.e., weekends, etc.). Set to “off”, go to sleep, and it still plays at the specified time! Am I wrong in assuming the on/off toggle is there to temporarily disable the alarm?

This issue has been present since at least 2.141 on a setup consisting of a Rpi2 with a HiFiBerry Dac+ (standard) and a USB WiFi dongle. Target playlist consists of a single webradio stream. For unrelated reasons (firmware upgrade troubles - since resolved), I flashed a new firmware image on several occasions and the problem persisted. Furthermore, I’ve recently deployed 2.175 on brand-new hardware (Rpi3/Allo Boss - internal WiFi) and the problem is present on this system as well.

If any additional info/logfiles/etc. is required to track this down let me know and I’ll do what I can. In spite of this minor hiccup, great project!

I think that this could probably do with reporting on


Just upgraded to v2.185, and can confirm this bug has been squashed. Thank you to Michelangelo and the rest of the the dev team … amazing project!