AKM4495EQ DAC chip I2S compatibility

Hi All!
I want to buy an external I2S DAC with an AKM AK4495EQ chip.
If I set the “Generic I2S DAC” option in Volumio, will it work?
Where are the GPIO I2S output points in this option?
Link: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/diy-dac/akm-ak4495eq-dac-module-board-i2s-32bit-384khz-2x-l7805cv-regulators-p-11966.html

i tried that past year with an AK4497EQ dac, unfortunately i didn’t get it working via i2s, also not working with an Audio-GD - HDMI LVDS I2S OUTPUT / INPUT Module.

I must mention that I have tried the i2s usb input and as your AKM AK4495EQ has a special input for it … that way it might work.
maybe someone else here is sure whether that AKM dac will work.

AK4497EQ that failed to play music via i2s


i2s GPIO pinout, raspberry pi.

your AKM AK4495EQ dac i2s input.


i guess the missing MCLK signal may be the problem.

Some tried to get it from an ALLO Kali between - don‘t remember where i‘ve seen that here on the forum.

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I then also tried with the kali recklocker on top, unfortunately it didn’t work with that either.

I did get it working with an audio gd nfb1 2015 dac output / input i2s.


I had similar problem with all DACs boards with AKMs I have. My solution was to use ak4137 board (either ebay or aliexpress) in form of hat for RPi or/and as standalone board…There are two versions availalbe. The one with display (2x20) is quite interesting as you can change modes by buttons instead of pins (hat version).
I heve no opinion on clocks quality but they are probably decent enough for the begininis and then can be replaced with something more fancy.
And obviously…I2S connections between boards as short as possible with good connectors and all wires tied together… From my experience up to 10 cm.

This kind of solution will give the oportunity to test hardware upsampler and format converter as the chip is the best for now.