ak4490 I2S Odroid C1+


I connected ak4490 from diyinhk through I2S to Odroid C1+ using volumio.
I receive “harash sound”. I can hear “something” but is very harash.
Can you help me? e.g.: What change in config files I should do to make it work?

Were you able to resolve this?

I also need feedback about the AK4490 DAC on Volumio.

Have you a board with onboard clock ?

Can you link an exact product or a picture ?

Similar thing on mine, I use beaglebone Green instead since it has clock output LRCLK to my AK4490EQ DAC but sound has never came out right under runeausio or Volumio

Because these boards need an external clock, which Volumio/RPI does not produce. These boards can only be connected through USB via an extra module

Or use RPI with a Kali (it has mclk)

Odroid C1+ has MLCK out. We are not talking about RPI here.