AirPly - Glitches in playback

I have searched the forums, couldn’t find a similar problem / bug posted.

My Volumio (rPi3 + IQ Audio DigiAmp) runs flawless except for one scenario:
when playing a soundsource from my MacBook, iPad or iPhones I get regular glitches in the playback, squaking noises.
I haven’t been able to reproduce this in a specific scenario, but it occurs in playback from all devices mentioned above.

Would be nice if someone would find a solution to this annoying bug.

hi PyungNamm,

Not sure if my solution will work for you but. I had an issue with my airplay - ie when my Netgear router DGN1000 is set to anything above 56mbps, then my airplay suffers badly and there is a lot of dropouts and in this higher Mbps mode, Volumio shows that I am having a bandwidth of only max 5.5mbps
and when I bring my router wifi to 56mbps or lower than I get a double-digit bandwidth on volumio (network page).

so maybe could try to reduce the speed of wifi ( band ) in router setup and check.

another thing that worked for me was that I used my LG K10 420 phone as a wifi router in hotspot mode, by doing this I could see that volumio reported a wifi bandwidth of 65mbps and there was a smooth airplay playback.