Airplay keeps restarting after few seconds, and Volumio app has a pop up of volumio player restarted,

Is this just a problem with the app, or in any browser?

Can you send logs? … oting.html

That happens to me too. I already reported the problem before. I sent the log. Do you need me to do it again?

Hi Michelangelo,

after installing the equalizer plugin the airplay issue started, it was figured out after going home.
currently, i did a factory reset and then did an upgrade, there is no error with my airplay now. was listening to songs from my phone for nearly 3 hrs nonstop.

But if you could look into the post for web radio restarting every 12 to 15 seconds or so then that would be great, I have also added the web link for the radio that I listen.

I need that radio to work. Also could we get Bluetooth so we can pair other phones and laptop to volumio without other softwares to be installed

Effectively, Airplay does not work with the Simplequal plugin.
Atento @balbuze!

AirPlay + Volsimplequal work fine in V2.382!