Airplay to USB

Is it possible to pass on a bit perfect stream from volumio to the USB out and into a DAC ?

I m using a cubox and if i do that the sound is completely garbeled but at least the basics seem to work.

does this work on Raspi ?


the garbled sound is on the Yulong DA8 DAC only. On a Beresford DAC it works. Is there a way to configure the cubox to work with the Yulong ?

Hi snuka,

your post is not clear if your using a Cubox (original version from last year) or a new Cubox-i. You didn’t mention either the version of Volumio you are using.
But you can have a look at my solution for Cubox-i with Volumio 1.4 :
For me it solved the issue you are mentioning :slight_smile:

Hi esseki,
thank’s for your feedback and sorry for not being more concise.

I have the cubox-i2 running an updated version of volumio 1.4 (curtesy of michelangelo from this post wifi-cubox-t1117-10.html#p5495).

I changed the /var/www/command/player_wrk.php file but now the volumio airport “speaker” doesn’t appear anymore. So I will set it back to its original state.

I can play directly to the USB DAC (both Yulong DA8 and Beresford) from within Volumio (sounds awesome).

This works: iphone > airplay (volumio speaker) > cubox USB out > Beresford DAC
This doesn’t work: iphone > airplay (volumio speaker) > cubox USB out > Yulong DA8 DAC (I can hear the audio but it is very compressed)

SPDIF out doesn’t work at all. No signal at the receiving end.

So it seems to be some sort of bit rate problem with the Yulong DA8. No worries, I am quite happy with the Beresford.

All the best

I got it to work. Not sure how … but it works… see this post