Airplay Stuttering with RP3/Kali/Piano 2.1

Just getting started on my first SBC DAC project. Install, wireless and HAT configuration went smoothly using the Volumio interface. Tested Volumio web radios and all works well. However, airplay is not working well at all, no matter the source (files on my device, Pandora, streaming from computer, from phone, from iPad, etc.) the result is the same. It connects and begins to play, but after a few seconds, the Kali buffer indicates empty, the music stops and sometime, maybe 10 to 30 seconds later, blue lights and music return, but only for a short time and the cycle begins again.
Regarding power supply, I have an iFi 5.0v fed to the Kali, which is in turn feeding power to the Raspberry Pi 3B and the Piano 2.1, which is running in 2.0 mode.
I have played with the buffering settings using Volumio and the results are the same.

I’ve scoured the web and see some people having similar issues with Spotify and Airplay, but do not see a firm solution. I’m reaching out to the community for guidance.


… could you try to connect the rpi directly to you wifi router with a lan cable?

I will do so and provide feedback. I’ll have to disconnect the player and bring it to another room to test. There are no amp/speakers there, but I should be able to observe the lights on the Kali.

I think, but maybe i wrong, that with kali there is a terrific amount of data to “move”… maybe your wifi dongle (or onboard rpi wifi) is not enought…
I have your same configuration, something i had stuttering audio with 24/192 audio flacs with a unbranded wifi dongle. I have solved wiring the system in a gigabit lan. Works well with an Alpha wifi adaptor to…

So it seems to be working a little better now. I moved the player into the same room as the router and did not experience interruptions wirelessly. All four “bars” of wireless were present. I then moved into the next room (three bars present) and had better success there, but had two 3 second interruptions over about 10 minutes. The interruptions seem to occur if the device is communicating with the network for “other business”. I switched my phone to airplane mode last night in the living room and listened for four hours with only two wireless bars and a reported 58.5 Mb/s. There were no other devices in the house communicating on the network at that time. This morning I am playing it again wirelessly with one or two cutouts and with cellular service switched on.

I’ve got the buffers maxed out at 12MB and 40% in Volumio. Also shut off the Enable Hotspot.

On another front, I tried running it through my MacBook dropping the audio to Volumio. The interruptions are continuous as I am busy working on the laptop.

Router is an airport time capsule. Starting to think there is some settings I need to play with to manage network traffic.