Airplay stopping and Ui not completly loading

Hello, it’s my first post and I hope I’m doing everything right:D
First of all to my setup, I’m using a Raspberry 2 with a Hifiberry and with a lan cable it’s connected to my Fritzbox. I use my Phone to stream things over Airplay to my Raspberry and with the Version I used before Volumio 2 it worked without any problems but now every one or two minutes it stops for about 3 seconds.

Also most of the time the differnet themes under “Appearance” wont load it just looks like this: if that happens the settings for the spotify plugin also wont load. The last thing is that somehow the buttons in the Ui are broken:

For me these are just minor bugs and everything else is working fine, but I wanted to report them so that I can figure out if it’s my fault or other people got the same problems.
Howevery thanks in advance for every reply