Airplay problems since updating to iOS 8(?)

Hey guys,

Airplay with Volumio (on a Raspberry Pi B with Hifiberry) suddenly became highly unstable. It just cuts off after a couple of seconds or minutes, so that I have to reconnect Airplay. The only thing which has changed is the iOS version on my iPhone 6. It coincides with me updating to iOS 8 and I have had problems ever since, so all subsequent iOS 8 updates didn’t change anything (I’m currently on the latest 8.1.1). I know that Volumio uses shairport, so I checked the known issues on the Github page but there was nothing related to iOS 8. So I thought that maybe my Raspberry Pi is having a problem, but then I tried feeding Airplay with iTunes on my Mac (with OS X Yosemite) and even after 2 hours the stream was still playing without any problems. I updated shairport manually on the pi, but that didn’t help. I started shairport with -vvv to see if something strange comes up, but I just saw loads of “requesting resend on 1 packets” warnings (which I also get when running shairport on my Mac - which by the way doesn’t seem to have these problems). Volumio/Airplay on my Pi fed by my iPhone 6 just won’t work anymore. Any ideas?