AirPlay playback problem

Good morning to everyone,

first of all, many thanks indeed to Michelangelo and to the whole Volumio community!!

I’ve been given a Rpi4 as Xmas gift and I’m running Volumio 2.861 on it, streaming my music library from a NAS to my stereo amplifier connected by means of the analog output.
Installed plugins:

  • Volumio simple equalizer 0.5.7 (enabled)
  • Touch Display 1.2.2 (disabled)

When I try to stream from my iPhone or my iPad thorugh Airplay, Volumio UI shows correcly shows the song being streamed (see screenshot)

, but no sounds is played.
I made several tests, with both the equalizer plugin enabled and disabled, but the problem is still there

Also tried to have a look to the log: only one time I got the following error
error: Cannot set ALSA Volume: Error: Alsa Mixer Error: amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Headphone',0
the other times no errors have been logged, despite to the playback not working (I can post the whole log if it helps)

Any suggestion on how I can get rid of this issue? I’ve searched in the site, before creating a new topic, but I found only issues related to previous versions and supposed to be fixed with the current one.

Thanks in advance to anyone will help me

A bit more of info: I just realised that the volume slider on the UI does not affect the output volume at all…maybe this is somehow related to my issue