Airplay: Issues on WebUI

I have just installed the new version of Volumio 2.201 as I was having a lot of problems with Airplay on an older version. The basic connection and playing is now much better but I note several problems with the WebUI during playback

Starting a new Airplay connection produces the details of what us being played. But

1: any change in volume resets the played time in the left hand dial to zero (the total track length seems to be correctly reported)_

2: any change to the queue (either deleting all or deleting an item) removes all the playing information from the playback screen ,although the Airplay connection continues to play

With a new airplay connection and the playing information still visible the play button on the top bar shows a disabled hover indicator - useful. But once the info has disappeared as in 2 above then the play button appears active. Trying to play a library track then starts to work but fails with a message about alsa in use. The airplay continues.

There appears to be no consistent retention of the state of the airplay connection so that any refresh of the page (which is what I assume a volume change does) loses the info.

None of this is a killer problem but it would be good to get some consistency


Thanks for reporting, we’ll fix.


It just occurred to me to test what happens when playing from the library.

The time elapsed is not always correct and seems to be based on

1: Changing volume restarts the clock either from zero or from the last time the stop button was used

2: Stoping play shows the correct elapsed time and when restarted continues from that time



Also notice that when playing with Airplay from my iPad, all the players in the multiroom area show they all are playing the same music. But only the selected player in Airplay does really play it.

If it’s useful information, I’ve found that if you skip forward or back in a track, that resets the spot the timer returns to when you adjust the volume. For example, if I skip ahead to 1:16, and a minute later, adjust the volume, the track time clock resets to 1:16. The track continues to play normally.

If I have the web interface open on two devices, changing the volume on one of the resets the track clock on both devices.

In the last 2-3 seconds of the track, the clock jumps ahead to what I assume is the accurate time and the track finishes as it should.

PI3 Allo Kali
Pi3 USB dongle
All Volumio 2.201
All behave the same way
Pi3 Dragonfly - Unknown for now but I’ll check later.