Airplay extremely buggy in Volumio

Volumio version: latest

The Airplay is extremely buggy, to the point of being unusable. It cuts off every now and then. Also after using AirPlay for a while (0.5-1 hr), it disconnects and then disappears from the iPad forever. Worst of all, when that happens, volumio.local also doesn’t work. I have to use the explicit IP address to connect. Things work only after I restart RPI.

Is that the expected behavior? I mean, every time I use Airplay I have to restart the computer? Also, AirPlay is supposed to work smoothly, without breaks or drop outs, that’s how it works from my iPad to the Onkyo home theater receiver that I have. Surely there has to be a way to fix this in Volumio.

I’d be inclined to check the wifi for Volumio, especially if you are using the onboard wifi of a RPi3.

I don’t know whether your distribution/release uses Shairport instead of Shairport Sync?

Shairport Sync is more stable.

Volumio uses Shairport-sync.

Yes, I am using the onboard wifi. Is it not supported for AirPlay under volumio?

I don’t know how to debug the RPI3. It is a standard system with the official volumio distro. No modifications. Best I can check is run dmesg. However, now the whole system is unresponsive (cannot even ssh) after I used AirPlay for 10 min yesterday. The system was up for 3/4 days with regular use of the UI.

Can you give me specific instructions on how and what to check?

I am fixing this as we speak, did you install something else manually?

Thank you for the update. I am glad that you are aware of this issue. No, I didn’t install anything else. Just the original system.

Hi, I recently (last week) installed a fresh download of Volumio on a Raspberry Pi B+ and Hifiberry Amp. I see a similar issue with airplay, If I use Airplay then I cannot go back to the native app (on browser or phone) and play, I need to restart the system. I would like to be able to use the native apps, Spotify connect and airplay interchangeably. /John.

You need to stop airplay before doing anything else, we’re working to get the auto-switching working but its not something that ShairportSync provides on its own