Airplay cutting out/lagging

I am streaming from my m2 ipad pro to my raspberry pi 3b over wifi using airplay (apple music), but I have constant stutters. My buffer size is at 2mb, tried going to 8mb, but it got even worse.
Is there anyway to fix this? It’s almost unusable in its current state. using a pretty good sd card and I have fast wifi, so that shouldn’t be an issue

Airplay is quite demanding when coming to network bandwith, and some wifi dongles simply don’t have enough reception to work well.

Is there a way you can use wired lan?

I had a similar problem. 3A power supply helped.

Hey, thanks for your response.
I tried with an ethernet cable, but the issue is still there. weird thing is, I got a youtube cast plug in and that seems to work perfectly. I will try to reinstall the os and see if it fixes it.

hey thanks for the response, I’m using a 2.4a power supply, but when i checked with my usb power meter, its only drawing about 400ma, so I don’t think that is the problem in my case.

Shairport sync (Airplay 1) is still not fixed. Apple Music continually stutters and breaks up now. It’s most prominent between a change of tracks. The same occurs when you play Spotify via airplay 1 rather than the connect app.

I’m using Volumio 3 installed on an SSD inside an Intel NUC Rugged Compute Element with 8Gb RAM.

I should add my audio buffer size is 12mb. That seems to be the highest that’s available at the moment

Same problem here. Raspberry PI built in streamer in an integrated amp.

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Me too - after years of no issue mine now stutters when streaming bbc sounds app from any phone.

It’s alright for about 10 minutes and then it becomes unlistenable.

Volumio is up to date and with wired Ethernet.