AIFF ReplayGain not working

I remove comment mark(#) of “replaygain” album "in the mpd.conf file and enabled ReplayGain.

replaygain                      "album"

However, ReplayGain does not work when playing an AIFF file. ReplayGain works correctly with same music FLAC files.

There was same problem in moode audio.
In moode audio, since Decoder of AIFF file was “audiofile”, I disable “audiofile” decoder in mpd.conf and forcibly decode AIFF file with ffmpeg. ReplayGain now works on AIFF file.

Similarly in Volumio, I disabled “audiofile” and “sndfile” decoder, but ReplayGain does not work on AIFF file.

decoder {
    plugin "sndfile"
    enabled "no"
decoder {
    plugin "audiofile"
    enabled "no"

I think that the cause of this problem is due to the MPD version.
The MPD of moode audio is 0.20.20.
Volumio’s MPD is 0.20.10 and a slightly older version.

Would you please update the MPD version of Volumio?
Or if the cause that ReplayGain does not work for AIFF is another problem, could you please fix it?

Maybe try updating mpd yourself and see if it fixes the problem. If you can send a positive feedback, maybe volumio developers will update mpd in volumio faster?

Here’s a guide for 0.18.9 - tutorial-update-mpd-version-t642.html

Just replace the source code download link with the latest one: … .23.tar.xz