After update 2.773 very slow buildup of album list

I have some artists with a large number of albums (like Mozart - 173 albums). After installing 2.773 on my Raspberry Pi, I found that when I select the artist, it shows the first page of 20 albums, but whet I want to scroll down, it takes a long time (often 20 secondsor more, sometimes the whole app freezes) to see the next screen of results. Also scrolling back shows an empty screen at first, before showing the previous albums.

Artists with a few albums work fine.
Qubuz lists work fine too.
On my iPhone 11 things work fine.
My iPad is not too old (6th generation), running iOS 13.4.1.
I am using the Volumio app.

This bevaviour started after upgrading to 2.773 yesterday.