After one day of test

Hi everyone !

i’m a new user of Volumio, my name is Jérôme and i’m french, sorry for my English level.

i installed Volumio 2.575 For PC X86/x64 version, installed on Aspire Z5770, no problem to install and run !
Good graphical, good job ! :slight_smile:

BUT !!!

after several tests, i can’t solve my problems.

1 - Plugin spotify do not retreive my playlists.
2 - plugin spotify connect2 do not work with my app phone (lastet android) and app PC (lastet Win), “Connecting…ting…ting” but Nothing…
3 - After each reboot, some configuration defaults back
4 - Keyboard is QWERTY, can’t change, for a french guy it’s not so cool :smiley:
5 - No Virtual keyboard ?

have you ever met all these problems or is it me who is very bad?

i searched on google and this forum for these but i can’t find any solution


Regarding keyboard layout, I found this … … tions.html


Spotify Plugin